RV14A Build

We are planning to use the third bay of our garage to start the airplane build in and then eventually transfer all the sub-assemblies to our hangar for the final assembly.
Of course that means building some sort of shelving to store all of the parts and keep everything out of the way during the build process so I decided to use the overhead frame of the garage door as the basis of a simple shelf build out of 1" PVC tubing and the Van's shipping crate to do the job. This is what it looks like.

Next we were going to need a workbench to build the kit on so I built a 3 foot by 6 foot bench as suggested by Van's. I based it on the standard EAA design but added two drawers to hold some of our tools and I also added a vise. (The vise can be taken off if need be.)

I bought a DRDT-2 to do the dimpling for our project and built a bench for it as well. It is the same height as the work bench so that we can take advantage of the extra space when working on large skins and spars. Eventually it will be turned into a router table after the airplane project is finished.

So on with the build.......▶

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