About Aerotoons

My company is called Aerotoons. It is derived from Aeroplanes + Cartoons = Aerotoons. I create custom graphics, logos, t-shirt designs, basic web pages, and enjoy doing aviation art....it's all about having fun!

r_side2My wife and I love to fly. We are building a Van's Aircraft RV14A. I have always been involved in art and have been doing it on a professional basis for several years now.

assembly ship
Pete the Pom Inspector
Aerotoons B-24 logoThe Aerotoons logo is a caricature version of a B24 H/J bomber painted in Army Air Force assembly ship colors of WWII. As you can see from the pictures above they were brightly colored so they would be easy to spot. The reason for this is because they were used to help assemble the 1000 airplane formations used during the war. Just as they lead the way for the others I want to lead the way in quality custom graphics.

Here is an animated 3d version of the B-24 logo which I created in Cinema 4D.