Abandoned Nevada Airfields

It is always interesting to know about the airfields that are in your state and what roll they may have had in the past. Having recently moved from Florida to Nevada I was curious to see how many airports there were that had a previous military or civilian history or are now inactive.

I was quite surprised that there were quite a few; I placed the approximate location of military (as well as civilian airfields) on a map of Nevada. Some of the fields are abandoned now (red dots) and some still exist (green dots).
(*note: The Boulder City airport is the old municipal airport located just north of the current airport.) There may be other airports not shown but these are the ones that I discovered in my research.

Nevada WWII and Abandoned Airfields
Airport Lattitude Longitude Active? History
Blanch Field 39°30'0" N 119°48'36" W N Airmail
Sky Harbor 38°58'11.9" N 119°56'23.9" W N Civilian
Humbolt Field 40°5'24" N 118°9'0" W N Civilian
Sutcliffe Naval 39°56'23.9" N 119°35'59.9" W N Military
Basecamp 38°19'12" N 116°16'48" W ? Military/ Secret
Tonopah (Orig) 38°5'24" N 117°16'48" W N Military
Tonopah (Aux 1) 37°49'12" N 116°3'36" W N Military
Tonopah (Aux 2) 37°43'11.9 N 116°9'35.9" W N Military
Tonopah (Aux 3) 37°37'48" N 116°39'35.9" W N Military
Tonopah (Aux 4) 37°45'35.9" N 116°39'0" W N Military
Tonopah (Aux 5) 37°40'47.9" N 116°37'47.9" W N Military
Buffalo Valley 40°21'0" N 117°20'59.9" W N Civilian
Alamo Field 37°21'35.9" N 115°11'23.9" W Y Military/ Civilian
Pioche Municipal 38°0'0" N 114°30'36" W N Civilian
Caliente FS 37°36'0" N 114°51'35.9" W N Military
Delmar Lake 37°19'12" N 114°56'23.9" W N Military/ Research
Sky Corral 36°8'24" N 115°10'48" W N Civilian
Barton Field 36°0'35.9" N 115° 15' 0" W N Civilian
Voc-Tech 36°4'47.9" N 115°4'11.9" W N Civilian
Boulder City (Orig) 35°58'11.9" N 114°50'59.9" W N Civilian/ Military
Lathrop Wells 36°38'24" N 116°24'35.9" W N Civilian
Chicken Ranch 36°4'12" N 115°57'0" W N Private
Scotty 37°9'35.9" N 117°9'35.9" W N Military
Scotty Intermediate 37°12'0" N 117°10'48" W N Military
Battle Mountain 40°36'0" N 116°52'15" W Y Military/ Civilian
Ely/ Yelland 39°17'58.9" N 114°50'30.8" W Y Military/ Civilian
Austin 39°28'06.99" N 117°11'51.46" W Y Military/ Civilian
Lovelock/ Derby 40°04'02.2" N 118°33'51.33" W Y Military/ Civilian
Winnemucca 40°54'0.97" N 117°48'09.14" W Y Military/ Civilian
Hawthorne 38°33'10" N 118°37'45" W Y Military/ Civilian
Las Vegas/ Nellis 36°14'12.73" N 115°02'13.52" W Y Military
Indian Springs/Creech 36°35'17.3" N 115°40'27.26" W Y Military
Indian Springs/ Groom 37°16'33" N 115°45'23" W ? Area 51
Indian Springs Aux2 37°30'30" N 116°13'30" W N Military
Indian Springs Aux3 37°30'30" N 116°29'0" W N Military
Indian Springs Aux4 37°6'09.81" N 116°18'48.174" W Y Military/ Private
Indian Springs Aux5 37°01'30" N 116°04'00" W N Military
Owyhee FS 41°57'11.639" N 116°11'15.365" W Y Military/ Civilian
Reno/ Stead 39°40'15.16" N 119°52'37.77" W Y Military/ Civilian
Minden/ Douglas 39°49'45" N 119°46'0" W Y Military/ Civilian
Churcill/ Silver Springs 39°24'11" N 119°15'04" W Y Military/ Civilian

I live near a few of the abandoned airports so I decided to go see what they look like today and here are some pictures of them.

Hangar at the old Boulder city airport.

Runway 21 at the old Boulder city airport.

Runway 17 at the old Boulder city airport.

Voc-Tech airport in Las Vegas.

Barton Field airport in Las Vegas.