Corsair UL

I knew that there were 1/2 scale WWII F4U Corsairs around (W.A.R. War Aircraft Replicas for example) but I always wondered if anyone had an ultralight version of one?
Well, there is (sort of) in the Czech Republic. I mean "sort of" because in Europe the sporting (FAI) definition limits the maximum take-off weight to 450 kg (992 lb), 472.5 kg (1,042 lb) if a ballistic parachute is installed and a maximum stalling speed of 65 km/h (40 mph).
In the United States however, the definition of Ultralight is a vehicle that holds less than 5 US gallons (19 L) fuel capacity, has an empty weight of less than 254 pounds (115 kg), a top speed of 55 knots (102 kph or 64 mph), and a maximum stall speed not exceeding 24 knots (45 km/h or 27.6 mph). So the Corsair UL would be considered a Light Sport or Experimental Aircraft in the United States.

This is a very cool airplane, it is all metal, has an electrically retractable landing gear and flaps and can cruise up to 124 miles per hour! If you would like to see the airplane flying click here.

Corsair UL
• Manufacturer: Ladislav Galetka
• First Flight: 6/6/2013
• Crew: 1
• Wingspan: 20 ft 4 in. (6.2 m)
• Wing Area: 75.3 ft² (7 m²)
• Empty weight: 496 lb. (225 kg)
• Maximum Takeoff Weight: 772 lb. (350 kg)
• Powerplant: 1 × Rotax 912 UL 100 H.P. (73.5 kW)
• Cruise speed: 124 mph (200 kph.)
• Landing speed: 59 mph (95 kph.)