Hand Signals Used In Aviation

Have you ever heard the old saying; "It's easy enough flying there but the hard part is finding your way once you're on the ground"?

Thankfully there are men and women on the ground who's job it is to help. The military, airlines, and general aviation ramp personel all use the same basic hand signals to communicate taxi directions to you.

It makes no difference if it is daytime or nightime, the signals are the same but at night lighted wands are used instead of hands or unlit wands.

You may or may not know what the aviation hand signals are or what they mean so I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of the different signals that are in use...

All Clear All Clear Start Engine Start Engine Face Me Face Me Taxi Forward Taxi Forward Taxi Slower Taxi Slower Turn Right Turn Right
Turn Left Turn Left Stop Stop Set Brakes Set Brakes Cut Engine Cut Engine Chocks In Chocks In Chocks Out Chocks Out

There's more hand signals in use but if you remember some of these basic ones you'll be "good to go!"

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